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Spain Outlook 4Q12 (en inglés)
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Spain Economic Outlook 4Q12
Situation and Outlook for theGlobal Economy and for Spain6 November 2012
Outlook for Global Economy and SpainKey themes1 After the slowdown in 2012, global growth will gradually speed up from the end of the year and during 2013, thanks to the monetary measures in developed economies and those supporting growth in emerging economies
The risk scenarios are less likely that they were three months ago, if the agreements are upheld and the measures are applied in the developed countries, although there are still considerable challenges to be faced in the Eurozone and in the US.
Emerging economies face the challenge of managing inflows
Spain: Spain is still expected to contract in 2012 and 2013, but the decline has been less intense in the third quarter
The fiscal measures are bearing fruit but the recession is delaying meeting the target
Implementation of structural reforms is more necessary than ever before...
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